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Copper Roofing & Slating Nails

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At Home Building Supplies we offer two types of copper roofing nails, plain shank and ring shank. In addition to roofing nails, we also offer copper spikes from 6 to 9 long.  Copper Nails have a longer life expectancy than other types of nails. Copper Nails are used for a variety of reasons and situations. The Roofing Nails are mainly used for copper flashing, and installing Slate, & Tile roofing. Copper nails are also used for copper drip edge, copper hip and valley, and copper fascia flashing .

The copper roofing nails have a 3/8 head that gives good bearing pressure on roofing and flashing material. A diamond point and smooth shank make driving easy. Whereas the ring shank nails will have a stronger grip and will not back out.     Made In USA

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