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Specialty Fasteners

Specialty Fasteners Available At Home Building Supplies

At Home Building Supplies we offer only the finest quality products to get you started and on your way.  Home Building Products stocks specialty nails made from stainless steel, aluminum and copper, as well as painted zip screws and blind rivets. If you need a painted trim nail to match your soffit trim coil we have painted stainless steel and aluminum trim nails in over 75 different colors.

Displayed you will find a directory listing of our fasteners to help you with your building or remodeling projects.

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Copper Nails  

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Painted Zip Screws

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Blind Rivets

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Aluminum Nails 


Collated Nails

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Stainless Steel Nails


Hot Dipped Galvanized Nails


Plastic Cap Nails

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